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When it's time to register your car with the California DMV, it's probably time to get a smog check. If you are selling your used car, you will need to get it smogged before handing it off to the new owner. We have over 4,000 smog check inspection locations in California to choose from and a few options right here in San Jose, California.

Smog Tech Test Only
Address: W. 450 San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95110
Phone: 408-294-4910
Leland Test Only Center
Address: W. 1844 San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: 408-279-8836
Mnk Smog Test Only
Address: W. 1470 San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: 408-993-8395
Smart Smog Check
Address: W. 1585 San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: 408-885-9885
Smog Tech Test Only Station
Address: W. 1450 San Carlos St, San Jose, CA 95126
Phone: 408-294-4900
King Smog Test Only
Address: S. 960 King Rd, San Jose, CA 95116
Phone: 408-347-1332
735 1st Test Only
Address: S. 735 1st St, San Jose, CA 95113
Phone: 408-326-2605
Quality Express Smog Check
Address: S. 51 Capitol Ave, San Jose, CA 95127
Phone: 408-272-1339
W E Harding
Address: S. 502 2nd St, San Jose, CA 95112
Phone: 408-286-8870
Cartex One Stop Auto
Address: S. 438 Bascom Ave, San Jose, CA 95128
Phone: 408-292-6442

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